RAPID MRI provides fully automated state-of-the-art diffusion and perfusion maps.

RAPID MRI provides fully automated, easy to interpret diffusion and perfusion maps that identify brain areas with low ADC values, as well as delayed contrast arrival. RAPID MRI perfusion automatically quantifies regions of reduced cerebral blood flow, volume and transit time that exceed pre-specified thresholds. The regions are color coded and the volumes of interest are automatically measured. Maps of the severity of Tmax delays are provided using a four-color-coded scale. A mismatch map compares the volumes of interest between different perfusion parameters and can be customized on a convenient web-browser. The browser also allows user-specified thresholds tone incorporated into any of the perfusion maps as well as the location of the arterial input function to be optimized.

The RAPID MRI perfusion image maps are immediately available to doctors via email (devoid of private health information) for viewing on any device, PACS and a web browser.

These maps provide an intuitive and easily interpretable view of the brain perfusion, helping physicians with:

  • Clinical decision making
  • Patient triage
  • Collaboration between community hospitals and specialists
  • Appropriate patient transfers to specialty centers

Introducing RAPID MRI

Learn how RAPID MRI provides fully automated, easily interpretable diffusion and perfusion maps in under 2 minutes...

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